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Name: Select-A-Game Machine
Seller: Entex
Date: 1981
Display: VFD
Comments: extremely hard to find, especially boxed; classic entex design at its finest

The one and only SAGM!  Notice how it was designed for simultaneous 2-player gameplay.  Cartridges go in on the side (bottom of pic).  Overlays go under removable frame.

Front of box.

Back of box.

Close up shot of the box flap, with marketing blurbs.  Notice the factory taped-out game, which is pacman2.  It was crossed out in 2 different places on the box, but the original owner removed 1 of the black pieces of tape.  I don't know why pacman2 was crossed out by Entex, since the game was released at one time (I saw a loose one at the CGE2K museum).

notice again the crossed out game - pacman2.

Here is a shot of space invaders 2.  In 2 player mode, player2 moves the invading aliens around while player1 repels them

Here are the cartridge overlays I have.

Here are the cartridges I have.  I am missing only pacman2.  Other carts are rumored to exist - turtles and battleship.  I have never seen either of them, so I'll believe it when I do.  Does anyone out there have a picture or even a recollection of them???