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Name: Pocket Game Computer
Seller: Epoch
Date: 1984
Display: LCD
Comments: A very rare casualty of the 1983-84 video game crash.  This nicely designed system was released 4 years before the Gameboy!

4 buttons were available for gameplay, plus 8-way joypad, a contrast dial, and a sound on/off toggle.  The LCD dot matrix display resolution is 75x64 - not too shabby for 1984! This cart came with the unit, but it is just a place holder - no software is loaded onto it.

front of box - I really like the enlarged black pixels used for the graphics

back of box

The box shows the 4 games that were available at the time.  3 are shown below, and the 4th is reversi. I do believe that a 5th cartridge was released.  This nice handheld platform did not fare well in the 1984 video game market - what a shame only 5 carts exist!  The box also shows that the unit has a puzzle game and a bitmap paint program loaded onto it, so you don't need a cartridge to play them.

a very nice scramble clone

My favorite game made for the pocket game computer.  The gameplay is quite original - its like a cross between pengo and turtles.

You have to push the 4 squares (in the middle of the screen) to the boxes in the corners.  The black balls can be thrown at the monster to kill them.  In later stages, there are 4 types of squares which must each be pushed to a corresponding corner box, making it much harder to complete the stage within the time limit.

a very nice version of mahjongg