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Name: Light Games Projection System
Seller: Playtime
Date: 1988
Display: LCD
Comments: Strange and very rare 80's cartridge based lcd game projection system. Seems to be most commonly found in australia, not sure where else it was released. Overall very good quality hardware, but the lcd games are funny cheapos. I believe 13 games were made.

You can focus the image, and also extend the lens to make the screen bigger. If you stand at just the right distance in the dark you can play these funny cheap lcd games with a 46+ inch screen, which is rather ironic. There are cardboard control overlays that came with each game to place over the buttons. Also nice are the padded feet on bottom which can be adjusted to set the height and angle of projector.

"Adventure Series"

"Sports Series"

"Turns any wall into a video arcade."

Baseball cartridge

Back of baseball box

Flaming Inferno - which strangely enough is a frogger clone but instead takes place on the side of a burning building.

back of box