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Name: R-Zone Game Systems
Seller: Tiger
Date: 1996
Display: LCD
Comments: A weird system and idea from the start.  Lots of pictures below, but if you are intrigued by this gaming misfit then take a look!

Here is the original r-zone system, a head-lamp thing that is impossible to use!  The screen is so small (the lcd images are projected upon a small mirror that sits in front of your eye), and you have to fiddle with it so much before the damn thing is playable.  Its design was trying to capitalize on Virtual Reality and the Virtual Boy.  There is a controller that holds the cartridge and the batteries too.  The headpiece is only for display purposes.

This is the tabletop Super Screen system, the last type to be released.  This is clearly the best of the 3 r-zone systems.  It allowed the games to include a color filter over the lcd cart to spice up the game a little.  Also it magnifies the game screen nicely, and backlighting is provided by a small light bulb, and 1 extra bulb was included.

The Super Screen has a cool flip-up design.  The third style of r-zone system (not shown here, I don't have one) is called XPG - Xtreme Pocket Gamer.  It looks like a Sega Genesis controller, and projects the game on a small mirror.  All 3 system use the same carts, but only the super screen can use the color filter attachments.

The super screen package, Battlearea Toshinden was the pack-in game.  All screen shots below are from the super screen system.

Area 51

The background colored image fits on the cartridge and together they go into the super screen cartridge slot.

Panzer Dragoon package, showing plastic cartridge case

Panzer Dragoon

Daytona USA

Primal Rage

Independence Day, with psychedelic background

Independence Day, without background

You can have some fun, by changing around the backgrounds onto different games. Here we have a new game I invented called Daytona 51.

And another called BattleArea Daytona!