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Name: Adventure Vision
Seller: Entex
Date: 1982
Display: LED
Comments: The HOLY GRAIL of classic portable video game collecting!  Below are lots of pictures, and its worth the load time I think...

I got all this stuff at a flea market for $10.

Just kidding.

About 50,000 adventure vision units were manufactured in 1981-82. Here are 2 of them in warehouse condition (I was the first one to ever power them up!)  These 2 never made their way to store shelves, because the entex distributor had next to ZERO orders for them back in 1982.

Overall the adventurevision is a very nicely designed system.  The control panel was designed such that left OR right handed players could enjoy the action.  Only 4 games were released, and it was conveniently designed with 4 cartridge holder slots at the top.  There is also an expansion slot (you can barely see it on the side near the right hand buttons) which is covered shut, since no expansion peripherals were ever made.

Here you can see the cartridge slot and the large screen.  The screen is a grid of 6000 red LED dots.  150 columns and 40 rows.  Here is the best part - the screen's refresh rate is controlled by a motor, belt, and spinning mirror assembly!  The mirror can only spin at about 15 frames per second, so this makes the game animation and movement quite primitive (current systems like xbox or playstations run at 60 frames/sec).  So playing this game is like watching an old silent movie from the early 1900s - you have that wonderful flickering and wobbling.

front of box

back of box

"The most realistic display system since television."

paperwork that came with the adventure vision console.

Super Cobra cartridge

front of Super Cobra box

screenshot from back of Super Cobra box

Space Force (asteroids clone)

Hey, everybody makes mistakes...

front of Space Force box

screenshot from back of Space Force box

Turtles cartridge

Yes it sometimes takes that long for a game to load.  The processor is an Intel 8048 chip running at 933 KHz.  The system has 64 bytes of RAM and the games are about 4 Kb in size.

front of Turtles box

screenshot from back of Turtles box

For screenshots, gameplay movies, sound samples, and more technical info, go to my links page to find a website that is dedicated to this system.