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Name: Crazy Kong
Seller: Epoch
Date: 1982
Display: LCD
Comments: A very fine game.  Also seen as Monster Panic, a name which is much more fitting.  This game does not feature any apes or gorillas of any kind.  It seems obvious that the Crazy Kong name and the Monkey on the box was chosen just so that people thought it was a donkey kong clone. A classic, cheesy video game marketing idea!

front of box - a european Grandstand release

back of box

screenshot - a cool classic monster game where you have to aviod dracula, swampy, frankenstein, mummy, and a knife-wielding skeleton.  The game is somewhat like donkey kong, since it has levels and the mummy throws bombs down the stairs.  Kong or not - what a nice little game.

A very pissed-off and crazy ape - I guess he is mad because he isn't the game.