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Seller: Tiger
Date: 1996
Display: LCD
Comments: A handheld game console that failed miserably in the market, but still it deserves some credit.  Its name is ridiculous, captilizing on the 'dotcom' boom during the late 90's.  Tiger also owned and used it for promotions, high scores, and services like email.

This is the original, large, backlit Later releases had colored bodies, were smaller, had non-backlit screens, and therefore cheaper in price.  The pack-in game was Lights Out, a very nice puzzle game.  

One form of input is via touch-screen and plastic stylus, which works quite well.  Some of the games use that for input, and the on-board software like a solitaire game and a calendar program uses it too.

One of my favorite carts for this machine.  Sometimes there is bad slow-down, but who cares, this thing is a cheap thrill.

This box shows their intent at being an online gaming extravaganza.  Look at how bad the webpage design was for - its all HTML 1.0 compliant and looks like quite drab.  You could buy a modem, internet software cartridge, and a PC cable for the  Yes, you could check email and browse the web with this little sucker!